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A Jazz-Musician-Turned-Painter’s Graphic, Musical Compositions

The paintings of Claude Lawrence were recently on view at Santa Fe’s Aaron Payne Fine Art, which represents many of the artist’s contemporaries, including David Hammons, Bruce Nauman, and Gregory Amenoff. Although Lawrence is of the same generation as these other artists, he didn’t come to fruition as a painter until much later in life. Born in Chicago, Lawrence was a professional jazz musician until the late 1980s. Living in New York in 1987, Lawrence was familiar with many of the artists in the then-thriving downtown scene, including Jean-Michel Basquiat. He had been an avid artist when he was a child and once again began to paint and draw, mirroring his musical work in acrylic paint on paper. “I look to create work that has balance, energy, and lyricism,” Lawrence explains. “I improvise, meaning the conscious or [subconscious] channeling of influence. Energy is the main component. Intension is energy.”

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